Solar never looked so good!

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Start saving money on your electric bill today!

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Low Maintenance Costs

Rest assured that your going solar will require little to no maintenance during the lifetime of your installation.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Convert today and SAVE UP TO $100/month on your electric bill in the short term and completely get rid of it in the long term.

Improves Grid Security

Rolling blackouts are never a problem when you go solar. Reliable energy storage keeps the lights on, making your family safe.​

Solar Panel Installation in San Angelo.

Why Choose South Plains Solar?

Solar companies are in San Angelo, TX, are talking to you and your neighbors today. But, with so many conversions happening, how do you choose the right solar company? 

For most companies, it’s about getting you to sign the contract as fast as possible, and then they’re on to the next neighbor.

For us, it’s about taking the sincere time to educate you on the future of solar and why it benefits you to consider making the change. Our commitment to you is guaranteed whether you make the decision now or later. So consider South Plains Solar for your solar energy conversion, and we’ll skip the annoying hard sell you get with every other company.

Our Promise to You

We take substantial pride in our ability to put solar education at the forefront when considering solar energy conversion. We understand the commitment you could be making in us, and we promise our commitment to you before, during, and absolutely after your solar conversion.

Why South Plains Solar is San Angelo's Best Choice?


With 0% down and huge savings on your electric bill every month, it's never been easier to convert your home to solar energy.​


Going solar is not just for homeowners. Businesses can join in on the energy savings just as easily as homeowners do.


We're a preferred electrical service provider in your area, making your solar conversion easy, efficient, and completely turnkey.

We specialize in the design and installation of solar systems for residential and commercial use and perform general electrical servicing, repair, add-ons, and upgrades.


A few words from our customers.

“It took us a few years to finally make the commitment but we're happy we did. South Plains Solar answered all of our questions and played a big role in helping us ease our mind.“
Samantha H.
San Angelo, TX
"So happy with how our panels and battery kept us up and running during the Winter storm of the century. Didn't blackout once!"
Justin T.
San Angelo, TX