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GO SOLAR today, save money, and enjoy FREE electricity for 6 months!

GO SOLAR and Enjoy the Benefits

From government incentives to the ability to manage your own home energy, converting your home to solar is benefit-packed.

Low Maintenance

Rest assured that your going solar will require little to no maintenance during the lifetime of your installation.

Reduce Electric Bills

Convert today and SAVE UP TO $100/month on your power bill in the short term and completely get rid of it in the long term.

Increase Property Value

Solar is the only home investment you can immediately make that will start paying you back and continue to grow in value.

Become Energy Independent

Finally, an investment you completely control. No more dealing with the electric company every month.

Environment Friendly

Converting your home to solar is a huge step in our nation's commitment to keeping our planet beautiful with renewable energy.

No More Blackouts

Rolling blackouts are never a problem when you go solar. Reliable energy storage keeps the lights on.

Convert Your Home TODAY and

We'll Give You a Check for 6x the Average Amount of Your Electric Bill in 2021!

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A few words from our customers.

“South Plains Solar made this whole process simple. The installation of my panels didn't take long and the workers were very courteous.“
Trini R.
Wichita Falls, TX
"I've been thinking about converting my home for years so I finally decided to DO IT. I learned a lot from South Plains and they were very easy to work with."
David M.
Wichita Falls, TX

Convert Your Home Today!

We’re so confident you will enjoy the benefits of going solar, we’re giving you free electricity for 6 months! *

Sign up today and we’ll calculate your average electric bill over the last 12 months and we’ll take that total and write you a check for six times (6x) that amount. It’s that easy!

* This offer valid for Wichita Falls, TX area only.

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To take advantage of this 6-months of FREE electricity for GOING SOLAR, please fill out the form below and we will call you shortly.

FAQs About Solar and this Offer

Answers to Questions You Might Have About Solar Conversion

How much will my 6-month electric check be when I sign up?

We will take a look at your last 12 months of electric bills and determine the average amount you paid. We will then take that average and multiply it times six. Then we'll let the pen do the writing.

Is this offer for Wichita Falls residents only?

Yes. You can count on South Plains Solar to be highly personable, unlike big-box corporate solar companies that are looking to get you to sign the bottom line as fast as possible. Education is a priority for our customers, and before we get to that bottom line, we will be sure to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Once I sign up, do I call you for any future maintenance on my panels?

Absolutely. However, your panels will be completely self-sustaining, and you shouldn't have many maintenance issues, if any. We realize that nature comes calling every now and then and if you do run into any issues, rest assured we'll be right there to help you. NOTE: Our panels are backed by a 25-year warranty.

Will my energy bill fluctuate every month after I convert my home?

No. Your bill is going to stay consistent month after month from simply making a payment on your conversion. The great thing is your payment will be less than your electric bill and eventually, you will pay off your conversion and you won't have to pay an energy bill. How awesome does that sound?

Will my solar panels work on cloudy days when the sun isn't out?

Yes, your solar panels will produce energy on both cloudy and sunny days. Nothing to worry about here.

Are there any rebates or incentives on top of the check you write me?

There's a variety of different options available to homeowners. The biggest and most important one is a 26% federal tax credit that will allow you to take that off of your total purchase price for your home. Residents in Wichita Falls have other added incentives we will go over with you.

Did we mention we're in the business of saving you money?

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