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Why South Plains Solar

Solar companies are in your neighborhood today talking to you and your neighbors. With so many conversions happening, how do you choose the right solar company? 

For the other companies, it’s about getting you to sign the bottom line as fast as possible, and then they’re on to the next neighbor.

For us, it’s about taking the sincere time to educate you on the future of solar and why it benefits you to consider making the change. Our commitment to you is guaranteed whether you make the decision now or later. Consider South Plains Solar for your solar energy conversion, and we’ll skip the annoying hard sell you get with every other company.


I'd put my money on the Sun and Solar Energy. What a source of power! - Thomas Edison​


Our Promise to you

We take substantial pride in our ability to put solar education at the forefront when considering solar energy conversion. We understand the commitment you could be making in us, and we promise our commitment to you before, during, and absolutely after your solar conversion.

Meet Your South Plains Solar Team

Thomas Edison has nothing on these guys.
John Medina

John Medina

Cell 512-620-1558

Derek Lister

Derek Lister

Cell 806-632-2557